Satanists, Occultists, and Those Interested
The Open Temple

Welcome to the Temple of Theistic Satanism!

We have many projects coming up – and are working on bringing all of our functions BACK online after a hiatus – and we invite you to come with us on our journey.

Our Goal is to be a place for all Satanists (regardless of path), and other interested Occultists to gather, learn, exchange knowledge and get to know and understand each other, even if they have differing views.

We also wish to be a voice for the voiceless when the need arises – and stand for the freedom, equality, and TOLERANCE of all those who follow the Occult and other non-mainstream ideals. We seek not fame nor fortune – but rather to win the battle and defend those within our community who are oppressed – discriminated against – and outcast from society. We are real people – and we deserve to be treated no differently than anyone else.

We also will stand against the radical fringe – those who seek to capitalize on the Occult or Satanism for fame – those who seek to promote dissonance rather than tolerance – those who are dangerous to themselves and others in the long run.

We make no judgement on the individual or the group – we however do NOT condone criminality, evilism, or other illegal or acts that HARM rather than help the community.

Stay Tuned – we have much to do – The Work must continue!

Hail Satan!
De Ortu Satanae Populi!



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