The Temple of Theistic Satanism prides itself in breaking down the barriers between those of like and similar paths - and bringing people together under the basis of common ground and tolerance.

There has been attempts in the past to set things in motion as we are today - but this is the time and things will move only forward from here.

So please - make yourself at home - and may we all grow together - and seek out that which enlightens and empowers!

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Welcome to the Temple of Theistic Satanism! We hope you will enjoy your stay!

The Temple is open to all those within the Occult ans Satanic community - and we invite you to join in and participate - it's free and easy - and we look forward to seeing you here!

Never a requirement and never demanded - if you choose to do so that is your free will - and if your choice is not to - then it is also your free will.


  • Aleph posted a forum topic
    Facilitating Work with Demons
    As some of you may know, I have an altar space that is currently still in progress, and I had the idea that may want to leave room for demons. Well on...
    Aug 31
  • On my House of Chaos, you might be surprised to find out what's going on in India.
    What the fuck is happening in India? | Aleph's House of Chaos
    You won't believe what I've heard of recently out of India In a village in the Baghpat district of India, a girl named Meenakshi and her younger sister have been "sentenced" to rape by an all-male council who seems to be operating outside of India's legal system. They've ordered that the girls be raped, their faces…
    Aug 30
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    I found this somewhere and I think it's quite interesting.
    Aug 30
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  • Aleph created a new blog post
    There's something I've been wondering about that I originally wanted to post about on my main blog, Aleph's House of Chaos, but felt like posting here...
    Aug 29
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  • Mo Batchelor replied in forum topic
    Order of the Nine Angles
    What happens when we bring to life movie screen devil worship?  The Order of the Nine Angles, described by many as fascist Satanism, is a leader...
    Mo Batchelor
    people actually committing the crimes they claim in their hyperbolic output? It's a matter for law e...
     Discuss Replies: 1 
    Aug 28
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    Aug 27
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  • OTD
    On my House of Chaos, there are people it's high time simply got shifted to the side in favor of bigger issues.
    To hell with the religious right | Aleph's House of Chaos
    Are you about as sick of hearing about religious right-wing people saying stupid crap, and people talking about religious right-wing people saying stupid crap, as I am? Especially if you live in America? Are you sick of being forced to sit through a polarized and bastardized version political discourse that centers around how ignorant they…
  • OTD
    On my House of Chaos, a sign of the times we live in.
    Why are the wrong people so important? | Aleph's House of Chaos
    In my mind, the way the order of the human world should go like this: those who distinguish themselves positively through talent, strength, accumulation of merit, and doing something positive for their own lives and/or those of others should rise and earn the better lot in life and respect that they deserve by doing so; those who…

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